Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sign of the times...

It's summer at 'Le Petit Lapin'... and as a sign of the times, we have a new sign: a lovely slate rectangle with the name of the cottage and a little engraved rabbit to welcome our guests.
It was quite a job to put this new sign in place, though.  I had to find a moment  when the current guests, a very nice couple from Holland, were out exploring, so that I wouldn't disturb them.  Then the granite walls of the cottage needed to be drilled and the surface evened out so that the sign would be secure and flat and level-- a bit of a challenge when working with natural materials, but the result is rather pretty, I think.
Welcome to 'Le Petit Lapin'!
And the nice Dutch couple thought so, too-- they told me that they were both surprised and pleased to discover the new sign in place when they returned to 'Le Petit Lapin' that evening.

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